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Michael Napl

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  • If doing this makes sense now, or if it's better to wait. 

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Bryce O'Donoghue - Marketing Manager

We’ve used agencies before to help us with our digital marketing and the biggest concerns we had as a franchisor, is understanding what exactly are we paying for. Not only that but having it put in a tangible way that we could understand. What is the end result for our customers, on a business sense, in our industry?

Michael explained how his services related to us and what the end result actually was. It wasn’t about being page 1 on Google, which is nice and all, but (in my experience) traffic doesn’t generally equate to customers walking in the door.

He made us focus on measurable results, made us look at our customer flow, both before they got to our door and once they did. It made us focus on equipping (prospective) customers and tailoring their expectations before they purchased our service. This really opened our eyes to that process, which we never had even thought of before.

Every agency says they can optimise Facebook or Google ads, but they aren’t big measurable changes that affected our business. Even as a leader in our industry, working on our pre-customer experience (as I'd call it), has changed the way we now do business. It’s better equipped our franchisees to know when they are going to get a new customer, so they are more prepared. It's also enabled us to adjust our procedure to have the right services in place to cater for them. It’s literally streamlined our conversion process of getting people to sign up.

We thought step 1 was getting them to rock into the studiobut we weren’t aware that was step 5, until Michael showed us everything we weren’t doing that needed to be done before it. Now they get tailored ideas about what to expect, and by the time they get to the studio, they are well equipped with more than enough information that it makes the conversion easier. While we don’t have the full data yet, those clients seem to be more genuine long term clients. Before we implemented the email marketing to now, we’d say on average it would be double the number of people walking in. The biggest change we’ve seen is during our typical quieter times then what we would normally expect. We have the ability to look at what’s potentially causing drops in our business, instead of just saying ‘well it must be a quiet period’.

I would certainly recommend Michael and his process, for all the reasons above. In every other part of business, specialist people are required and online marketing is no different. I think people try to act like they know more than they know. If you can admit you don’t know what you don’t know, you can find someone to help. I’ve learnt that online marketing is a huge area, not just ads, SEO and content, but that it’s also important to improve the customer experience, or rather the pre-customer experience. Especially when it comes to driving conversions.


Melbourne, Australia


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