More traffic ≠ more sales.

Because traffic is only the beginning of your customer’s purchasing journey.

What you’re really missing is a marketing sales process – that consistently works to drive conversions.

If you’ve invested in growing your website traffic, whether with SEO, Facebook or Google Ads then you’re probably already getting enough visitors.    Some of them will convert to a lead or a sale, but of course you want more. You want growth.    So you throw more money at awareness building, ie advertising, because more traffic = more leads and sales. Right?   Yes, but no.    I get the thought process – after all sales is a numbers game (technically). But that’s far too simplistic.    There’s a very big difference between someone doing sales (and using numbers) and doing marketing (and using numbers).    Because sales people take prospects through a buying process.    And marketing needs to do needs to do this as well.   Yet awareness or advertising, which is the primary focus of most marketing efforts, is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to driving sales.    And the real reason you think you need more traffic is because you don’t have a marketing process (or funnel) in place that actually moves a prospect through the buying process. Similar to how a good sales person would if talking to a prospect 1 on 1.    Think of it this way. Imagine if a sales person knocked on the door of a business and said:   “Hi John, I’m from Smith & Co. and we sell a range of widgets, could I interest you in buying them?”   Now if John had a need for that exact widget at that exact time, you might get a sale.    Although even still, unless it was an urgent need, he’d probably want to look around, compare some other companies that sell widgets and see which was a better choice for him. Because all our sales person told John was that he sells widgets – a thing, a product.   And this is what most marketing does. It simply says ‘Hey there, look over here, we do this product/service – just in case you need it, we’ll be here waiting’. And the extent of any marketing sales system ends up looking something like the process below.     Marketing basic funnel But good sales people would never approach selling like this, because they know better.    They know two important aspects of selling. 
  1. They know that people don’t buy things, they buy solutions to their problems. And they sell those solutions only after they’ve identified the problems that they are solving. 
  2. People buy from relationships. The more a prospect trusts you and feels a relationship with you or your business, the more they’ll be likely to buy. But this takes time to build. 
  And it’s for these two reasons that most small business marketing performs so poorly or reaches a point where more traffic no longer works – because the marketing that’s being done gets both of these completely wrong (by completely ignoring them).    Prospects will rarely convert on the first touch point, which is why you need to think differently about how you approach converting prospects, rather than simply throwing more money at advertising to get more people to know you exist.    The good thing is, there is a fix. And it’s a fix that I developed and refined over a period of 2 years with a client of mine.    A fix that moved them from simply hoping that awareness and advertising was enough to get people to walk in the door, to one that automatically guides prospects into doing so, by using marketing automation to replicate the two important aspects of the sales process above.    If you want to read how we did that you can read the full case study over here.    The fix for your business is one that covers the entire customer acquisition process. And ends up looking something like the below.  Detailed marketing funnel And it really doesn’t matter if you sell B2C or B2B, all people go through a similar buying process.    The good thing is, this isn’t going to take you two years to get the full benefit out of it, as I’ve condensed it into a process.   Nor is it going to require you to buy a course that you or your team will need to study, and frustratingly work out how to get implemented, give up on and never look at again.    I don’t like courses, because while they are good for the person selling them, 90% of people never implement what they learn (time, confusion, getting stuck and ultimately giving up on).   This is a completely done for you process that takes everything you’ve already done with your marketing and traffic generating activities, and leverages that with a marketing sales system that works to increase conversions on multiple fronts.    Consistently and reliably without the need to continually optimize your Facebook or Google Ads and throw more money at advertising because you’re trying to just find ways to get in front of more people.   Even better. It runs entirely automated, so anything you do in the future simply feeds the process to drive more conversions. Your future marketing becomes more effective than it ever used to be.   So if you: Then book your discovery call now and together we’ll discuss whether this is worth doing for your business (because until I know more about your business, I can’t guarantee it is). Book Your Discovery Call Michael Napl Bryce

We thought step 1 was getting customers to rock into the business, but we weren’t aware that was step 5 until Michael showed us everything we weren’t doing that needed to be done before it. Now our members get tailored ideas about what to expect, and by the time they walk in the door, they are well equipped with more than enough information that it makes the conversion easier.

Bryce O’Donoghue
Marketing Manager

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