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No hard sell. Just some solid advice with no strings attached. Want to work with me after our chat? Great.

What is this about?

So many free strategy calls aren’t really about you. They’re about setting you up for a sales pitch on why you absolutely need to shift your marketing to the agency. I’ve been on both sides of these calls. I’ve even called out a marketing tech provider for being overly pushy (they didn’t get my business). 

My calls are different. I’ve been told that I deliver so much value from my free calls that I should charge for them. But that’s not my form. I’m all for giving you some real advice. If you find value in what I’ve said, it’ll come back.

Have a read below from one of my current clients.

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So while I of course want to work with the people that I talk to, my goal for this call is simply to deliver you some value on the things I’ve learnt about marketing (and web) over the last 7+ years (and a few other things I’ve recently become more aware of with some agencies). 

This is why it’s an ask anything. Because your business is unique to you and so is what you’re feeling about your current marketing strategy. 

So let’s have a discussion. Discuss what you love, don’t love and everything in between about what you’re currently doing. The good thing for you going into this call is, you know I’m not selling you marketing implementation services. That’s not what I offer. I’m here to help you get the most out of your marketing, your agency and your ad spend. 

So let’s start with a call and go from there. 

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