Marketing is about the people you serve. It doesn’t need hype.

Sales are everything. No matter what you’re offering, whether it’s a product or a service they all need to be sold – well der!

And before selling comes getting word out about your business (and what you do) – ie it needs to be marketed.

Yet contrary to many people’s feelings, marketing is more important for small businesses than it is for larger corporations, as Michael E Gerber explains in his book ‘The E-Myth’. A book I think should be required reading for every business owner.

But so many business owners are resistant to marketing or risking doing anything around marketing because of the hype from marketing agencies, gurus and ultimately being burnt before.

I get it. I hate it too. Not because of me being burnt (obviously I do my own marketing), but because it:

Hype works to sell. Until you fail to deliver. Then you just feel burnt.

Marketing doesn’t have to be that complicated.

It can be hard, true, especially when you’re just starting your business.

But if you’re an established business, then as I explain, even 3 new customers/clients a month can make a difference. And really, that’s not all that complicated – if you know what you’re doing.

So I don’t promise I’ll 10x your business. Because I don’t sell hype.

I mean, in theory I could, but it wouldn’t be congruent with who I am.
In the very same way that you don’t need to use hype to sell what your business offers.

Because when you understand who you’re selling to and their motivations for why they need what you offer, selling becomes a mater of formality – because you’re no longer selling, your providing solutions.

And the truth is, not every prospect of yours will be a perfect fit – contrary to what you want to believe. Just as you, reading this now, might not be a perfect fit for what I offer.

And that’s ok. Because you’ll know that if I say, this is going to work, or this won’t work for you right now, you’ll trust me more because I’m willing to say ‘hey this isn’t a good fit for us’.

And your customers, your clients are exactly the same.

So you don’t need to use marketing to hype your prospects into buying from you. You simply need to use it to meet their needs. And depending on your business, that can take some time.

But that’s why what I do is so great. Because it uses marketing not to trick people into buying (you can’t actually do that anyway), but to nurture them into why it’s right for them.

When you focus on how marketing can serve your customers – sales naturally follow.

Testimonials From Clients

Kind words people say after working with me.

The group appreciates Michael’s service and it takes a lot off my plate. It’s good to utilize Michael’s experience as a benefit to the whole. Especially in a business that’s an industry leader, we need to continually find ways to outdo our own success. Over the last 24 months he’s been a big factor in helping us do that. He’s literally helped restructure how we do business and how we advertise.  He hasn’t just helped us with the exterior of our business, but also helped improve the interior of how we do business as well. The only thing I’m ever thinking is…. ‘Where to from here? What new fresh ideas do you have that will help us’.

Bryce O’Donohuge

Marketing Manager

I’ve worked with Michael on several projects, and I can highly recommend him. He has deep knowledge of sales and marketing, and also continuously keeps developing his skills, which is of great importance in a fast paced industry. This is why I also got him on board for our latest startup project, for which he did a really awesome job in coming up with a very distinctive story and marketing plan that really sets us apart from the competition.

Robert Hensel

Technical Director

Working with Michael I was able to step away and trust that everything was in safe hands, and even then being pleasantly surprised with the progress made each time. Everything truly felt effortless. 

The most valuable aspects of what Michael provided to me was his time, communication, branding and marketing knowledge. He has top notch professionalism in everything he does and is a great all round guy to have on your business’s side. I’d absolutely recommend him for any Digital Marketing (and business advice) needs. I’m yet to have anything but positive experiences.

Chris O’Neil

Audio Engineer

What can I do for you?​

I give you unfiltered marketing and sales advice.

The last thing you need is someone saying ‘yes’ to everything. If you already have great ideas and everything is working perfectly, then you won’t need my help anyway. If that’s not the case and you realise you need to make a change, I promise you I will never be filtering my advice concerned about keeping the work over making positive changes in your business. If you need someone to do ‘work’, I can recommend lots of places to find them. If you need truthful advice, no matter how hard it is, then we can talk.

I don’t overpromise and underdeliver.

Sounds cliché, but there’s a reason. I’m not going to promise you 300% increase in sales, as there’s just too many factors involved. Any serious experienced business owner understands that marketing and sales is a process of testing, refining and improvement.

I don’t offer ‘get rich quick’ marketing programs. I provide real advice, education and implementation of marketing (and sales) plans that work to make a lasting difference to your business.

I bring an entirely new set of eyes into your business.

The hardest aspect of marketing your own education business is literally that you’re inside it, every single day. The effect of this is being too focused on what you do, rather than what you really provide for your students.

Because I’m outside your organisation I don’t have any preconceptions about how great you are. I sit in the eyes of a potential customer/client and can ask you the hard questions that you’ve never thought of.

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