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Stuck Navigating the Digital Minefield?

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s a lot to consider. Should you do email? Facebook ads? Google ads? SEO? How do you even go about tracking all this properly? And, how do you decide if one way is better than another?

The Facebook agency tells you that Facebook is it, the Google ads agency tells you it’s the place to be, the SEO agency says you must be doing SEO and you’ve recently read that you’re supposed to be doing email. 

What you should be doing depends entirely on your business, your products or services and how it ties in with your sales. 

In essence, your marketing shouldn’t be guided by what the Facebook agency (for example) says alone. It should always be guided by this one question.

“How do I ensure what we’re doing is the best for our digital marketing, right now?”

Which is something that is forever changing and constantly evolving.

Track. Review. Iterate. Repeat.

4 Key Focuses To Getting The Most Out Of Your Monthly Marketing.

Here's what successful businesses do every month for the health of their digital marketing.

Keep track of & understand your analytics

Do you get a monthly marketing report and just think 'ok looks good to me'? Analytics can be complicated but you need to have some understanding so that the data isn't used to present a more favorable picture than the reality.

Constantly look for other gaps

No matter what you're doing in marketing there's always other things you could try that could be a better fix. Spending more money on ads is an expensive way to get more sales when your website has a conversion problem, for example.

always audit outsourced marketing

There are some great marketing agencies, but like all industries also some poor ones. But without knowing your analytics (above) you're at the whim of what's being presented to you. With marketing you can't be complacent. Always audit, question and drive for improvement.

define & track clear marketing goals

This doesn't have to be complicated, but having an idea of what you want to achieve helps work out the best approach to move towards it. If you want to increase conversions, upping your ad spend isn't necessarily going to help that. But a solid email marketing plan might.

the quickest, easiest way to keep on track.

Your On-Call Digital Marketing Manager

You do a lot in your business already, so you shouldn’t be expected to know everything digital marketing. Unfortunately sometimes others assume you do (best case) or they hope you don’t (worst case) so they can present the current marketing campaigns in the most favorable light. 

What can help is a go between. The digital marketing manager you wish you could have, without the whole ‘I need to employ someone full time’ obstacle. 

That’s where I can help. I’ve implemented long running campaigns for clients and interacted with marketing agencies in past roles. I can help translate the marketing speak into what’s important for your business. And also cut through the, to be frank, sometimes occurring marketing BS. 

Everyone needs accountability, including the people you pay your marketing funds too, especially when all their offerings are in one basket. Very few Facebook agencies would tell you Google ads are a better option to try, or SEO agencies try talk you out of doing SEO. 

What we can do together.

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What My Client's Say About Me.

This guy is marketing Jesus. He knows what he's talking about and tells it to you straight, whether it's good or bad. You'll never have to worry about the numbers being fudged or whether he's giving you the best advice possible. He's always gone above and beyond for me and Storka.

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Greg Solak Founder -

We thought step 1 was getting customers to rock into the business, but we weren’t aware that was step 5 until Michael showed us everything we weren’t doing that needed to be done before it. Now our members get tailored ideas about what to expect, and by the time they walk in the door, they are well equipped with more than enough information that it makes the conversion easier.

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Bryce O'Donoghue Marketing Manager - MarShere Franchising

I've worked with Michael on several projects, and I can highly recommend him. He has deep knowledge of sales and marketing, and also continuously keeps developing his skills, which is of great importance in a fast paced industry. This is why I also got him on board for our latest startup project, for which he did a really awesome job in coming up with a very distinctive story and marketing plan that really sets us apart from the competition.

Robert Hensel Technical Director - Hensel Hosting
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